Loans online without certificates – installments and payday loans

August 1, 2019 Are you looking for a loan online without certification? Currently, it is almost a standard. It is very convenient to apply, without having to call your employer and obtain a salary certificate. It is enough to be over 18 years old and have an ID card with you. In our list you Read More

Real estate credit: the ten stages of a real estate purchase

    As real estate spring ends, we return for you on the ten steps of an acquisition in stone. 1. The sales agreement By signing this document, the seller agrees to sell you a property at a set price and you to buy it . 2. The search for credits You can then proceed Read More

The most important elements of a cash loan

Credit costs – commissions When deciding on a cash loan, the first parameters we are informed about are the commission and interest rate. However, do not confuse these two concepts. The commission is a fee charged by the bank in exchange for granting the loan. It depends on whether we are a regular customer of Read More

Real Estate Loan: 4 tips to play the competition

Before signing an offer of real estate credit, it is recommended to compare the offers in terms of insurance, guarantees and rates in particular. Here are four tips for playing the competition. 1. Talk with your bank advisor In the majority of cases, an acquisition or investment in stone requires a mortgage loan from a Read More

Ranking of loans to companies – October 2017

October 1, 2017 Every year, more and more different types of business activities are created – both single and multi-person companies, startups, as well as large, multi-level enterprises. For various reasons, not all of them can afford to take out a loan to grow their own business. In recent years, institutions outside the banking sector Read More

Financial course towards technology | Apply for a loan

Polish consumers are paying more attention to the possibility of settling financial affairs electronically. Banks and loan companies wanting to adapt their offers to the expectations of clients, are more and more active on the Internet, enabling, among others, online consultations with a representative of a given company or requesting for fast loans online. More Read More

How to get a quick home loan buyout?

Is this the right time for home loan repurchase? The home loan buyback is a way to review lower monthly payments or the credit rate. Thus, in order to have more financial ease every month, which will facilitate the last days. This negotiation of the redemption of the real estate loan occurs when there is Read More